Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Ladies Who Lunch

So, how was your weekend?

I was lucky enough to get a visit with an old friend, Amy, and her adorable Martina, on Saturday. She was in town visiting family and we arranged a lunch get together. My mom even came along after her chiropractor's visit and was, of course, charmed by them both. Martina was a little shy at first (she was tired and missing her daddy, but quickly warmed up and was soon a typical giggly, smiling and thoroughly enchanting four year old. See for yourself:

How Amy and I reconnected is a funny story. We knew each other in high school, had many of the same classes, and were friendly. We didn't hang out together outside of school much, though. We graduated and went merrily on our separate ways. Then, about 3 1/2 years ago, as Greg and I were just starting to pursue this adoption, I joined an yahoo chat group, the infamous APC (Adoptive Parents - China), where on any given day you'll be lucky if a bar fight doesn't break out over the color of the sky. There are over 19,000 members to the group world wide, so some of that is to be expected. If you can weed through it all, there really can be some good info there, especially from the "been there, done that" parents. Anyhow, I had been reading the posts from this group for a few months, but I hadn't yet posted anything. When I finally did, it was to take exception to a really cruelly worded statement from another long time member of the group. I sat back and waited for the hate mail to come rolling in.

Imagine my surprise when the very first reply I received was from Amy. She figured there couldn't be that many people in my town with my name (for those that don't know me personally, it's unusual). She and her husband now live in another state, and were preparing to leave for China to go get Martina. We've been chatting through e-mail and visiting when we can ever since. They were even kind enough to invite us for dinner one night when we were in their area. Amy is quite the cook, and I've been enamoured of Martina since she bravely climbed right up into my lap that night. Amy and her family are currently waiting for the referral of their second child from China, so if you go visit her blog send them good wishes and tell them to come back and visit soon.

Seeing Amy and Martina on Saturday also gave me an excuse to take a few pictures and play with my new obsession, digital scrap booking. I've been downloading tons of free kits from the Internets lately and I really wanted to put a few of them to use. How did I do?

scrap booking credits: QP from the Shabby Mommy collection by Shabby Princess Designs of www.shabbyprincess.com, frames from the A Little Bird Told Me collection by Shannon M. Glick-Howington at www.angelwingsnthings.blogspot.com, butterfly and green flower from the Petit Bonheur collection by Claire7799 at http://claire7799.canalblog.com, orange flower from the Hearts & Flowers collection by Vicki at http://vicki20.blogspot.com and buttons from the Swanky collection by Michelle at www.shelbellescraps.blogspot.com. Whew!


  1. I think that your page looks great! The blog looks wonderful too!

  2. I love the digital scrapbooking. very cute. Annabelle is going to be well presented.
    Reading this makes me want to go check RQ to see when AB is due!

  3. The digital scrapbooking cool. Looks great! Can't wait to see Annabelle's pictures on these pages.

  4. Ok, apparently I just thought I left a comment. I am so excited to see Annabelle Arriving in person - it's such a great blog title, too.

    Thanks for calling, sweetie! Good luck with all your projects.

  5. I was so excited, waiting to see you post a referral, that I never even scrolled down your blog to see myself on here!! You did a great job, and thanks for all the compliments!

    Yes, I return here at least once a day to get another look at your cutie pie!