Friday, January 2, 2009


It's a good day for beginnings.

This is the first writing I've done in a very long while. After so many months of having nothing new to say, or at least thinking I had nothing new to say, it feels good to share again. It feels good to want to share again.

It's the first day of the first month of a brand new year. Everything is possible all over again. Especially hope. As we endured this unforeseeable wait, I almost forgot that hope was possible.

It's the first day of the month that will most likely bring us our daughter's face. That day will be the best first yet.


  1. Yay on the new blog! Yay on new beginnings! And most of all, yay on that impending referral! I am so, so excited for you guys - and will be cheering on a speedy package from China this month.


  2. i agree, the blog looks great - new beginnings awesome. And how fun to watch you become parents. The wait is really becoming more bearable as I watch friends get their referrals, so I'm so excited for yours!!!!

  3. I am happy to follow along on the new beginning. The blog looks great and it is so good to "see" you again.

  4. Yay!! You are UP! Cannot wait to hear the good news!!!

  5. Yay! Welcome back! A new start is so exciting, can't wait to follow along on your new beginning! :D

  6. You're one of the reasons I'm getting twitchy!! :-)