Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jumping Out of My Skin!

The calls are starting to trickle in for this batch of referrals, but we've heard nothing from our agency yet. I'm going out of my mind and I'm not getting a damn thing done here at work today. I have so much excess energy and nowhere to go with all. I feel like jumping rope, or doing laps around my office building (which, if you've ever seen me run...just no.) Since our agency is right here in town, Greg and I have agreed to not find out anything over the phone and go into their office so that we can receive our referral, and see our daughter for the first time, together. I had the presence of mind to bring the camera to work with me today, just in case. And I have my list of questions to ask all printed out and ready to go, too.



  1. I'm practically jumping around my own office on your behalf. I'm hoping you're down at your agency's office right now!

  2. I will keep checking your blog--I'm so excited for you!! I hope you hear something soon!!!

  3. Oh boy oh boy oh boy!!! C'mon, phone...

  4. Where are her pics??????? Can't wait to see her.

  5. Here I thought that there was going to be no news today and BOOOM!

    I'm stalking this blog. Oh, yes.

  6. Congratulations on your Ling girl! I have a Ling girl, now 5 and home 4 years, and she is a joy!

    Blessings, Starla