Friday, January 9, 2009

Packing it in

No, you're not getting rid of me that easily.

A certain upcoming trip and all the quirks of international travel have been a bit on my mind of late (oh, say, for the last 1,084 days since DTC). I've looked at baggage weight limits for both domestic travel, international travel, and in-China travel (all different), linear size baggage limits for way too many different airlines, and various packing lists which vary from BRING EVERYTHING! to Pfft! Why Would You Need More Than a Carry-on, You Silly Girl? from those who've gone before. When I try to smoosh all of that together in my brain, I end of with a lot less hair than I used to have.

What it boils down to is this: we get one 44lb bag each and an 11lb carry-on each to pack for two adults and one baby of unknown size for two weeks in up to three cities with possibly wildly different climates in a foreign country whose language we don't speak (oh, and brain bleed from that run on sentence). Obviously, it's been done before and so is do-able. But not by me. And not with the current luggage that we own. What's a girl to do?


I found a great deal on Christmas day at and took full advantage and scored the following, which arrived this week:

We got two 30" drop bottom rolling duffel bags and two 19" rolling backpacks. For the price I paid, I don't expect them to be the highest quality luggage in all the land, but if they'll get us to China and back, I'll be tickled all the same.

Now, internets, share your best packing tips. Just 'cause I have the luggage doesn't mean I know how to use it. Must haves? Neato tricks? Don't bothers? Let me know.


  1. Nice bags! Ebags is great :) I don't travel too often but I really like the space bags for travel. Normal space bags (use the vacuum to suck out air) are awesome cause you can fit a lot in a little bag but you need to be sure you'll have a vacuum every time you go to repack your suitcase. The travel space bags work (my aunt and I used some when we packed for my grandparent's to go on their cruise to Alaska over the summer) but not "as well" at least not that time.. which honestly has been the only time we've tried them since we don't travel often. The travel ones though you put stuff in, seal, and roll the air out so it's nice if you won't have a vacuum handy. Others may disagree but depending on the type of shirts you have rolling them works a lot better than folding, space wise. My only other tip is pack inside of things... put a rolled up shirt inside a pair of shoes if it fits, that kind of thing. :) Good luck!!

  2. We use oversize freezer bags,(great for dirty cloths,makeshif dirty diaper bag if needed, you will find many uses. also put bright color tape on your checked bags so you can spot them easier, ALSO mix your items do not ever check an entire suitcase with all items for Husband,and one for wife ect,, becasue if one bag gets lost that person will be without. Mix the items also for the baby, spead it out amoung all the bags. Do not overpack, you can get by with a lot less than you expect. Pack then reduce by at least 25%! good luck!

  3. The space saver bags are awesome! Also, you dont need to pack an outfit for every day for 2 weeks, you can have laundry done at least a few times while you are there (use the nearby shops, in-hotel is too expensive). Remember you can buy pretty much everything in China now, dont stress! Esp. clothes, etc for the baby. Bring rubber pants & change of outfit for baby in case of diarrhea on the plane, also bring suppositories & baby prunes in case of the opposite problem - all the changes in babies life including diet can cause these types of problems at first. Bring OTC meds esp for you & DH - you can get them there but wont be able to read the directions & ingredients. Best wishes!