Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy 1st Father's Day!

I swear, now that the computer and the camera are finally talking to each other again, there will be a proper update with lots of baby candy very, very soon. Rest assured, all is well.

Meanwhile, I wanted to wish my adorable husband a happy 1st Father's Day. Annabelle has a great dad who loves her more than she could possibly know.


  1. Dale Ann:
    I have been waiting for you post an update. Please contact me when/if you get the chance. I would love talk baby/toddler talk with you. She is just beautiful, and it is amazing how much she has grown, like a flower blooming, since your last posts. Happy father's to Greg. All the best.

  2. So beautiful! Congratulations again. This is wonderful news after such a long wait.

  3. You updated your blog! What a wonderful father's day video. Happy belated father's day.