Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Day Whatever - Coming Home

Everything's fine, I've just completely lost track of the date and time. In many ways it feels like we've been in China much longer than we have (in a good way) and in many other ways it feels like we're totally ready to be home. Since we won't have another chance to come to China for a very long time and because we've loved so much about Annabelle's homeland it seems a shame to waste any of our precious time here wanting to be elsewhere. But home, sucky weather and all, is starting to sound pretty damn good. Aside from the comforts found in not living out of suitcases on the road, we want everyone we love to meet this girl we adore.

Bonding and attachment continue to progress. We've had a few more episodes of deep grieving where she just refuses to let me comfort her. She cries out for mama and I'm obviously not the mama she's looking for when that happens, which since Annabelle was in foster care for most of her life, is perfectly understandable. Greg has been a rock star dadddy, especially in these instances. He walks her, holds her and talks softly to her until she calms. I'm so grateful their relationship has grown so that she allows it.
Most of the time, she is absolutely a joy to be around. She's bright, clever and funnier than I knew babies could be. Her newest game is "Where's Annabelle", our version of Peek-a-Boo. She started playing it with Greg a few days ago, right out of the blue. I sat around the corner and watched them laugh like loons at each other and my heart just melted. Now, everyone she meets is fair game for a session of "Where's Annabelle". She's completely charming.

We've also discovered that the CCAA wasn't kidding when they checked that "Sometimes Obstinate" box on her referral information. Grandma is a goner.

Now for the part you've been waiting for - a few last bites of baby candy before we pack it in. The first is courtosy of Aunt Marilyn, who gave her the much loved bunny lovey.

The next three were taken at the TengWeng Pavilion in Nanchang. It was beautiful and peaceful. We could have happily stayed there all day.

Here is Annabelle doing her baby bird impression. Girlfriend loves her some noodles and is a champion noodle slurper.

A (most of the) group picture from our visit to the Six Banyan Tree Temple. We didn't get to do the blessing which I was very much looking forward to, but the temple was lovely.
The next three are from today's infamous red couch photo session. It was chaotic and funny, as I'm sure it usually is. And, as you usually see, there were a couple of girls trying to make their escape. Our girls are (back L-R), Meilee, Lisette, Cora, Eva, Vivian, (front, L-R) Meilinn, Annabelle, Sarah and Olivia. Going just by the names you would think we adopted a bunch of little old ladies.

Finally, gratuitous, random cute kid pic.

Those will have to hold you until we're home, which barring natural disaster or international incident, will be Thursday afternoon. See you then!


  1. Lovely pictures! Sounds like things are right on track - glad the bonding is progressing. My heart goes out to you, Dee; the grieving sessions were much the same for us, and I shed many a tear along side the little guy.

    I'm sorry you didn't get the chance to do the blessing at the temple. I have a story about that I'll have to share at some point. Safe travels and sending lots of good thoughts for the trip. xoxo

  2. I love the Red Couch Photo. I hope your trip home goes well. Hang in there.

  3. What a baby candy feast - thank you for posting these! I especially like the candid one with her sleeping on a blissed out and relaxed you. That says it all, my friends. Daddy-O, you ROCK! Good to see you in photos. Poor dude - you're a goner, aren't you? You both are, in the very best of ways.

    Safe travels to you all! xoxo

  4. It's so awesome to see her personality coming out. She really is beautiful! Leaving China is going to be bittersweet I'm sure. Have a safe journey home....here's hoping you all get some sleep on the plane!

  5. That last picture is too cute. Congrats!

  6. Checking in, wondering about y'all and (naturally) looking for more baby candy! DOn't forget us - feed the Monster. ;) xo